Nvidia Project Shield – Cool idea or flop?

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Nvidia’s Project Shield

Recently, I came across Nvidia’s new project that they’re calling “Shield.” This device opens like a DS, has a controller like a PlayStation and can play games from your PC. From the Wired article, here are some specs. “It has a 5-inch 720p touchscreen, runs what is essentially stock Android Jelly Bean, can run any Android game or app found in Google Play, can show up on [your] HDTV thanks to an HDMI port and [has the] ability to stream PC games (including those found on the popular gaming service Steam) from a PC in your home.” It also boasts the first Nvidia 4 chipset. All in the palm of your hand. Oh, but you do have to have Nvidia’s GeForce GTX graphic processor installed for it to do the PC-to-Shield thingy. Did I mention with WiFi gamers can play anywhere in their house and also access games from the Android store?

This project is coming out of a long list of companies trying to reinvent PC gaming. They’re making it mobile. Connecting PC games to tablets, allowing you to play games on this type of handheld device, access to PC games via Cloud and the ability to take this sort of thing anywhere in your purse or pocket are huge innovations. The fact that Nivida’s Shield can do things like this, looks amazing and has delivered a quality product could really be a huge draw for consumers. Gamers can play two player if their friend has a Shield and it looks console-quality on the TV. This video from modojo is a little long, but the presentation really gives you a feel for the entire capacity of the device.

I posted the Shield on my facebook with the question, “What would you rather play? A 3DS, an iPad, or the Shield?” A few of the gaming-interested folks on my friend’s list replied. Andrew Campbell was reminded of the Nokia N-Gage and said, “Lame, they tried this before (with the N-Gage) and it flopped.” (Personally, I don’t see the resemblance between this and the N-Gage at all.) Benjamin Poseidon agreed on the failure of the product. “This will probably flop,” he said. Patrick Behm, however, seemed to like the idea. “The shield. Play my PC games on a handheld, plus android games, plus all the features of a android tablet? Sign me up,” he said.

So, reader, how’s about yourself? Good idea or flop? Personally, I don’t think I’d ever have a use for the product as I like to play things on my big monitor, but it seems they’ve got some buyers’ attention.


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