D-Link DGL-5500 Gaming Router – With new bandwidth technology!

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D-Link DGL-5500 Gaming Router

As I was trying to figure out what my next subject would be, I stumbled upon this D-Link gaming router on C|Net. At first I thought a router was a little out of my league since I’ve never really dealt with them aside from pushing the reset button when I’m frustrated with my internet, but as I learned more, I figured it would be nice to do something that isn’t a new gaming platform. I could instead talk about something that plans to increase the performance of internet and gaming as a whole.

The D-Link DGL-5500 is going to be a sweet router. This router will provide you – the internet user, the mobile user or the console user – with StreamBoost technology AKA the exact amount of bandwidth your device needs to go. It’s not going to give you a daily allowance like most routers do. The internet speed is going to be fast. With StreamBoost, every device gets fed the amount they need to feel comfortably full, not overwhelmed with more food than it might be able to eat. The router is also cloud connected. Yay, mobile access! On the back is a USB for more storage or a printer and there are also four LAN ports.

Here are the technical specs from C|Net, “[A] true dual-band router that offers up to 1,300Mbps Wi-Fi data rates when used with an 802.11ac client. For existing Wi-Fi clients, it also offers up to 450Mbps on its 2.4Ghz frequency band and 5Ghz band, at the same time.” The 802.11ac client is still under development. According to the IEEE timeline its initial release is set for March 13 with its final approval near Nov. 13 of this year. The router is supposed to be available in the spring as well.

Four years ago, D-Link released the DGL-4500 for gamers and it proved itself useful with only few flaws. The one thing it didn’t do that the DGL-5500 does is support the 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz band at the same time (also, it would randomly reset during heavy loads). C|Net themselves did not even fully recommend the router for gamers and instead said “wait for an update.” Well, here we are four years later and they are exclaiming that the DGL-5500 was worth the wait.

The DGL-5500 also does not have an antenna in the way of the ports due to its sleek cylindrical shape. The modern shape is not only functional, it looks pretty cool, too and will take up less space on top of a desk. According to the video on C|Net (as the reporter tosses the poor device around like a doll) it’s pegged at $180. With all these promising features, the DGL-5500 has got to be worth it. My one question (and maybe someone out there can help me) is what if I end up needing more bandwidth than the router supplies my computer? Would that happen? Could that happen?

Stemming off of this post, I would like to ask my readers: What’s something you’d like to see me cover? I’ve done the new gaming consoles and took a step in another direction with the router today. Let’s keep pushing my boundaries. I’m also open to explanatory posts. Don’t quite understand processors, graphics cards, etc? Shoot your question my way!


4 responses to “D-Link DGL-5500 Gaming Router – With new bandwidth technology!

  1. Pick specific games coming out/recently out to profile. Something unique, or something big, maybe an interesting game concept off kickstarter or something. Play the game, if at all possible.

    • Hey Benjy. thanks for your reply, however, I’m not exactly a game reviewer but if a game does something particularly innovative with its technology, I’ll talk about that. Did you have anything specific in mind? Maybe I overlooked something this week? Thanks for the input! :)

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